Down here in Kiwi-land, we use the metric system – a pain, I know. Even more of a pain when you’re a mere seven years old when the government of the day decides to change systems on you and you’ve only just gotten used to the imperial system – I never recovered. Still, it is what it is.

It took me a while, when I first started this blog, to realise that a ‘cup’ over here was different to a ‘cup’ in the US. But the differences don’t stop there… Here’s a chart that shows some basic conversions for dry and liquid measures, as well as for common measures and oven temperature.


I’m aware that a large proportion of visitors to this blog are from the United States where the imperial system is still used, so with that in mind, I’m endeavouring to ensure that all my recipes either contain both metric/imperial measurements, or include a link to a conversion site.

The conversion site I find most handy is – you simply pick your ingredient, put the known measurement in either the metric or imperial table, and click ‘Convert Me’. Simple as.

Conversion table for site

Or, if you’re in kind of a hurry and you just want a straight measurement conversion, you can simply enter a key phrase into Google like ‘grams to tablespoons’, or ‘ounces to grams’, or ‘mls to quarts’, etc. While this isn’t as specific an answer (given you’re not including the ingredient), it is helpful when the exact volume is not critical to the recipe, or where you are unable to find a conversion based on your particular ingredient.

Google conversion

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